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We stock a wide range of rocker blotters which make useful and attractive gifts for any occasion. Never smear your careful work again with a traditional rocker blotter from Wrapped and Ready.

140 Chairman's Rocker Blotter - from £105.00

140 Chairman's Rocker Blotter - Just the job for making a statement. The Chairman's Rocker Blotter is our largest blotter measuring approx 130mm long, by 75mm wide by 70mm high. We originally made this blotter for a presentation in .....

334 Century Rocker Blotter - from £49.00

334 Century Rocker Blotter - To make sure the signature is not smudged on that multi-million pound deal, our traditional style Rocking Blotter is ideal! With either a solid, sterling silver (hmss) top and knob or silver plated (s .....

164 Signature Rocker Blotter - from £45.00

164 Signature Rocker Blotter - One of our most popular blotters that is the perfect size to blot a signature, approx 82mm x 25mm. You can chose between our standard thickness top (S) or our heavy-weight blotter top (H), and both ar .....

335 London Rocker Blotter - from £60.00

335 London Rocker Blotter - Polished to a mirror finish by our skilled silversmiths and available either as solid, sterling silver with a beautiful hallmark (hmss), or silver plated (sp, this lovely blotter is sure to be a favou .....

161 Miniature Blotter - from £45.00

161 Miniature Blotter - A very attractive miniature Rocker Blotter, approx 67mm x 45mm, with a highly polished top which is either silver plated (sp) or solid, sterling silver(hmss). The price includes our special gift wrapp .....

7018 Satin Chrome Rocker Blotter - from £49.00

7018 Satin Chrome Rocker Blotter - If a muted finish suits your style more, consider our satin-chrome plated, solid brass Rocker Blotter. Fitted with blotting paper and wrapped to entice, this makes a modern gift from a traditional ide .....

Spare Blotting Papers - from £5.00

Spare Blotting Papers - Need some more blotting papers? Just order them here. Each pack of 10 papers will be sent out to you by post, but will not be gift wrapped, of course. .....

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